Today in the city Crowley 25.04.2018

DOJ’s Economic Expert Spars With AT&T-Time Warner Attorney in Trial

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department’s chief economic expert sparred with AT&T-Time Warner’s lead attorney at the antitrust trial on Tuesday in a number of tense exchanges over th...

Woman dies after getting ran over by a dump truck

On April 23, a woman rode an electric car in front of a parked large truck. When the big truck started, she knocked the woman down and got involved in the car. The woman tried to crawl forward but she...

How Carl Icahn came to join Herbalife's fight against Bill Ackman, igniting one of the biggest battles Wall Street has ever seen

In this excerpt from his new book, Scott Wapner takes you inside one of the biggest battles Wall Street has ever seen.

People are criticizing a Florida teen for a racist promposal: 'If I was black I'd be picking cotton'

Noah Crowley, a high school student from Sarasota, Florida, is facing backlash over a promposal sign that people think is racist. The sign he used to ask his girlfriend to prom says the following: "If...

Carlo Ancelotti Reportedly Offered Italy National Team Manager's Job

Former Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid boss Carlo Ancelotti has reportedly been offered the position of Italy manager...

Florida Teen Apologizes For Racist Promposal Sign

The invitation read: “If I was black, I’d be picking cotton, but I’m white so I’m picking u 4 ... prom?”

Rube Goldberg machine champs pour cereal with clock, guitar - CNET

Rube Goldberg's world of whimsical mechanical inventions lives on as teams of students figure out the wildest ways to prepare a simple breakfast.

Science Begins To Look To Gene-Editing Tools Like CRISPR To Save Coral Reefs

Researchers are now looking to new gene-editing tools like CRISPR - Cas9 to provide new insights and perhaps even the means to save corals from becoming the wreckage of a warming world.

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